Our Partners

Eastern Investment Group Holding

Established in 1993, Eastern Investment Group Holding is a U.K.-registered holding company founded to provide an investment vehicle granting strategic and financial support to the companies under its umbrella, particularly those operating in volatile and unstable markets. Since its establishment, the group has quickly gained a firm footing in the markets its business entities operate in, allowing it to become a substantial hub of progress and development. 

Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans

The Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans is a non-profit organisation established by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah in 2003. Their projects aim to provide educational support to boarding and non-boarding orphans. The Al-Aman fund has helped educate thousands of Jordanian orphans and help them into employment and a sustainable social support structures. CL students learn about the Fund’s activities, aims and structure through presentations, preparing and implementing activities and meeting recipients of the Fund’s aid. 


Madrasati (Arabic for ‘my school’) is another initiative of Her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah. It was launched in 2008 as a program for improving the conditions of 500 of Jordan’s most impoverished public schools. The two main focuses of Madrasati are improving the infrastructure of schools and implementing needs-based education programs. Madrasati encourages all sectors of Jordanian society – including private schools and businesses – to contribute to these programs in different ways. CL has been working with Madrasati since 2012 and has made significant contributions in teaching and school improvement works to schools in Irbid, Amman, Madaba and Zarqa among others. 

Jordan River Foundation (Queen Rania Family and Child Centre)

The Jordan River Foundation is Her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah’s primary humanitarian organization that oversees child safety and community empowerment programs throughout Jordan. The main aim of the Jordan River Foundation is to enable the full economic potential of all members of Jordanian society and overcome its most pressing social challenges. CL has been a long-term supporter of the JRF and coordinates with them on a range of community welfare projects.  

The Queen Rania Family and Child Centre is one of the Jordan River Foundation’s most successful social support centres. Located in Jebel al-Nasr, one of Amman’s most impoverished suburbs, the QRFCC provides world-class psycho-social support and education for mothers and children suffering from all kinds of abuse and other domestic issues.  

Princess Taghrid Institute for Training and Development

The Princess Taghrid Institute (PTI) is a vocational training centre for orphaned youth aged 16 and above from across Jordan. It provides psycho-social care, housing and vocational training for orphans in its care with the aim of equipping them as fully functional and confident members of Jordanian society. PTI is one of the most recent but promising additions to the CL network, with opportunities for health, handicrafts and educational cooperation.  

Jordan Media Institute

The Jordan Media Institute is the premier journalism and media training center in Jordan and the Arab world. Established by HRH Princess Rym Ali, a former journalist herself, JMI is run by journalism and academic experts from Jordan, the region and around the world who present a world class and practically focused curriculum. JMI hosts professional facilities, including newsrooms and studios. Many of its former students now fill prominent roles in Arab and English media around the world. 

Jordan Media City

Jordan Media City is one of the Arab world’s foremost media hubs, hosting hundreds of television and radio channels. It has been recognized as one of the best media hubs in the world and offers state of the art studios and production facilities. CL students tour the media city to learn about the political and logistical issues facing media production in the region. CL students have also had the opportunity to appear in live TV interviews to talk about their experiences during the program. 

Badwa Centre For Special Education

The Badwa Center for Special Education is a branch of the Mental Health Society for Special Education. The Mental Health Society was established in 1970 and registered under the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Badwa Centre is located in Jebel Al Weibdeh and schools 60 disadvantaged children. The main aim of the center is to educate and provide vocational training, in turn assisting the students to professionally and socially adapt and integrate into society. The center also provides the students’ families with guidance and counseling.

Basmitak Hatallam

Basmitak Hatallam are a volunteer-run organisation providing education and social support for youth in some of Jordan’s most deprived refugee camps. Through innovative and simple activities, they give children in the camps a chance to learn social skills and face cultural issues that they would otherwise miss out on in their upbringing. CL students join Basmitak Hatallam staff on visits to different camps to gain a first-hand understanding of life in various camps around Jordan and the living conditions of their inhabitants. They help plan and carry out activities with the camp children and donate special gift packages of basic goods.

Royal Health Awareness Society 

RHAS develops and implements public health and safety awareness programs in partnership with the public and private sectors as well as civil society organizations.

RHAS offers preventative not curative services, believing in the principle that prevention is the best way to improve wellness and enable communities to live healthy. RHAS works on raising health awareness for local communities through designing programs that address national health priorities and meet beneficiaries’ changing needs, while engaging the beneficiaries in the design and implementation of health interventions.

RHAS aims at building the capacities of beneficiaries to enable them to adopt healthy and safe lifestyles. RHAS works to build beneficiaries’ experiences and practical skills so they can be agents of change in their communities, while also strengthening existing systems through knowledge and skills transfer, to ensure sustainability and national roll out of its programs.

Zain Communications Jordan – Zain Innovation Campus

Zain Jordan pioneered in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), by launching and supporting various national initiatives that go beyond developing the telecom sector, as Zain is considered the main supporter for several sectors: Education, Youth, and Health, Sports, Environment and philanthropy. Zain is also considered as one of the Jordanian economy pillars as it embraces around one thousand employees and provide thousands of indirect job opportunities and it was the operator of choice for more than 5,903 million Jordanian customers.

Aiming at supporting entrepreneurship in Jordan, Zain inaugurated Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC), in November 2014; and it is the first of its kind across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where Zain provides Jordanian entrepreneurs and startups with all the requirements to develop and transform their creative and innovative ideas into productive projects marketed locally, regionally and globally.

Located at King Hussein Business Park, ZINC is equipped with the latest technology and facilities and services, in addition to providing consulting and guidance, and the opportunity to access a network of nearly 100 strategic partners, representing world’s leading technology corporations, businesses and startups, and companies interested in embracing creative ideas from various sectors, ZINC has also expanded to include several branches located in University of Jordan, Yarmouk University- Irbid, ShamalStart Initiative- Luminus, where it will be expanding as well to include more universities in addition to schools.