Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange – 2018

Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange – 2018

Despite the sweltering heat of July 2018, the Australia Middle East Journalism exchange returned to Jordan for its second year working to improve media education and links between Australia and the Arab world. 

With the support of Changing Lives, the Council for Australia-Arab Relations (CAAR), Qatar Airways and Middle East University AMEJE students spent 10 days exploring Jordan’s cultural, geographic and historical diversity.

Their program was complemented by collaboration with media students from Middle East University, who helped the Australians see the region and country from their perspectives. 

Highlights of the trip included visits with the Petra National Trust (PNT), Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) and Syria Direct (SD) which provided generous and open insights into educational and media initiatives related to a wide range of communities and issues in the country.

Of the visit to the PNT education and training programs in Wadi Moussa, delegate Dale Carnegie said “It was very inspiring to see a developing generation who will be able to care for their heritage and preserve sites with an understanding different to the previous generation.”

Changing Lives looks forward to assisting further AMEJE trips to Jordan in the future.

Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange – 2018

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