Fifteen – Westminster and Babel meet in Jordan

Fifteen – Westminster and Babel meet in Jordan

In September 2018 students from Westminster University, London and University of Babylon, Iraq, returned for their second bi-annual visit to Jordan, where they built upon the universities’ deepening relationships with the country and communities Changing Lives works within. 

New features of this trip included teaching English at the Princess Basma Centre in Karak, as well as increased volunteering and learning alongside counterparts from Babylon University.

A highlight of the trip was the new day of hiking and dialogue with grass-roots organisation Shams Community. The students enjoyed the beauty and quiet of Barqash forest, while cooking together over a fire and addressing engaging questions about identity across cultures.

Westminster student Ruxandra Cailin said of her experience:
“All the experiences that I have been through are now part of my heart, and the feeling I have whenever I see a picture or simply remember the moment is a feeling of gratitude and it fills my heart just as the same rate as it breaks it.”

Babylon University student Leith Mohammad said “

Fifteen – Westminster and Babel meet in Jordan

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